Thylascan iPhone and iPad launch V2.0 2014

Following testing of the beta version iPad app, Thylascan is pleased to announce the release of Artefacts V2.0 , the updated Thylascan iPad and iPhone app available from iTunes.

The app enables dynamic analysis and exploration of Thylascan3D digital museum Artefacts V2.0  and with the information packages available on the iPad and iPhone version, it is the perfect vehicle for the digital museum experience.

Exhibits when downloaded can be explored in detail through the highly responsive 3D viewing platform of the app and it links seamlessly with further exhibit information and related Thylascan product. This app takes the museum experience into a new era and is an accessible platform for all. The first portfolio of exhibits are now available for download, with a diverse range of product under development which will be released in the near future.

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