3D Printed Replicas


  • Artefacts iPad/iPhone App

    Thylascan's development of an interactive 3D app has been a triumph.

    Artefacts is available on iPad and iPhone from the App Store for FREE! With a growing range of virtual Thylascan replicas, it is now possible to explore our products in the palm of your hands.


  • Thylascan in 2D

    We have a range of high resolution printed merchandise available now from Zazzle.

    Head to the Thylascan store to find t-shirts, posters, and other cool things.

    3D Holograms - Coming Soon


  • Services & Partnerships

    Thylascan can design, digitise and monetise collections. Research projects resulting in 3D exhibit data, can generate a range of potential product outcomes and lead to new scientific knowledge, with minimal additional resource input from partners.

    Contact Thylascan to learn how we can work together.

    Public Art

    Thylascan is exploring the opportunity for large scale public exhibits using digital production technology.
    If you have such a requirement please contact us.

    Custom Models

    All Thylascan models can be repositioned to suit your requirements.