I am working in a research area which relates to Thylascan’s work and am interested in working with Thylascan. How can we work together and what are the benefits?

Thylascan has a primary focus on exploring the nexus of high technology, art and science. We are interested in collaborative activity which allows for the transformation of scientifically accurate data, into a range of product outcomes including 3D prints, apps and imagery. We can offer a business framework tailored to your needs, which can result in an income stream to your organisation which also frees you from having to build an entire system yourself.


Public art, what can be done?

All Thylascan exhibits can be potentially scaled up to create a high impact work of art and produced in a variety of materials and finishes such as stainless steel, aluminium, bronze and automotive paint finishes. Additionally, if you have a specific requirement not based on a Thylascan exhibit, we can collaborate concerning access to source data. If a public art project is of interest, please contact us in order that an initial feasibility study can be undertaken to scope out key issues including type of exhibit, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, site works, logistics and costs.